Justin Heinermann

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We present a new approach for combining k-d trees and graphics processing units for nearest neighbor search. It is well known that a direct combination of these tools leads to a non-satisfying performance due to conditional computations and suboptimal memory accesses. To alleviate these problems, we propose a variant of the classical k-d tree data(More)
Nowadays astronomical catalogs contain patterns of hundreds of millions of objects with data volumes in the terabyte range. Upcoming projects will gather such patterns for several billions of objects with peta-and exabytes of data. From a machine learning point of view, these settings often yield unsupervised, semi-supervised, or fully supervised tasks,(More)
In this work, we propose the use of support vector regression ensembles for wind power prediction. Ensemble methods often yield better classification and regression accuracy than classical machine learning algorithms and reduce the computational cost. In the field of wind power generation, the integration into the smart grid is only possible with a precise(More)
BACKGROUND The antifibrinolytic efficacy of a high-dose regimen of epsilon-aminocaproic acid (epsilon-ACA) was compared with aprotinin in first-time coronary operations. METHODS In a prospective, double-blinded, randomized study, 20 patients received high-dose epsilon-ACA (10 g both as a loading and cardiopulmonary bypass priming dose, 2.5 g/h until 4(More)
Wind energy is playing an increasingly important part for ecologically friendly power supply. The fast growing infrastructure of wind turbines can be seen as large sensor system that screens the wind energy at a high temporal and spatial resolution. The resulting databases consist of huge amounts of wind energy time series data that can be used for(More)
Complex pelvic ring fractures are defined as injuries of the pelvic ring in association with lesions of the pelvic organs or the pelvic soft tissues. These injuries are typically caused by high-energy accidents. In contrast to the typical mechanism of injury a case is described in which a low energy trauma led to a complex pelvic ring trauma. An obese woman(More)