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Common left- and right-hand divisors of a quaternion integer
Abstract Given a quaternion integer α whose norm is divisible by a natural number m , does there exist a quaternion integer β of norm m dividing α on both the left and right? This problem is a caseExpand
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On Cosets of the Unit Loop of Octonion Integers
In the maximal ring O of octonion integers (“octavians”), let O m be the set of elements of norm m. Motivated by a question of H. P. Rehm, we ask whether, for a given positive rational integer m,Expand
Small Skills, Big Networks: Marin Mersenne as Mathematical Intelligencer
Writing in August 1634, the French polymath Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc reflected upon Marin Mersenne's endeavours. Mersenne, Peiresc asserted, had forced himself into "frontiers that are aExpand
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