Justin Gaetano

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In women having inactive ovaries, controlled preparation of the endometrium has been achieved with exogenous oestradiol and progesterone. We report on the feasibility and practicality of using a similar regimen for timing transfers of cryopreserved embryos in women whose ovaries have not been suppressed. A total of 91 women having cryopreserved embryos from(More)
Sex perceptions, or more particularly, sex discriminations and sex categorisations, are high-value social behaviours. They mediate almost all inter-personal interactions. The two experiments reported here had the aim of exploring some of the basic characteristics of the processes giving rise to sex perceptions. Experiment 1 confirmed that human hands can be(More)
Gender categorization seems prone to a pervasive bias: Persons about whom null or ambiguous gender information is available are more often considered male than female. Our study assessed whether such a male-bias is present in non-binary choice tasks and whether it can be altered by social contextual information. Participants were asked to report their(More)
Visually judging the sex of another can be achieved easily in most social encounters. When the signals that inform such judgements are weak (e.g. outdoors at night), observers tend to expect the presence of males-an expectation that may facilitate survival-critical decisions under uncertainty. The present aim was to examine whether this male bias depends on(More)
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