Justin G. Bendall

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  • J G Bendall
  • Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 2001
Volatile compounds were extracted from fresh milk produced by New Zealand cows using the newly developed solvent-assisted flavor evaporation (SAFE) technique. The two samples that were used came from cows that had been fed on different diets and represented the considerably different flavors of Northern hemisphere and New Zealand milk. Using gas(More)
Detecting illegal nitrofurazone treatment of food-producing animals has been undermined by the reliance on semicarbazide as a marker metabolite for analysis because, during processing, semicarbazide forms in a variety of foods not exposed to nitrofurazone by previously unexplained pathways. In this study, formation of semicarbazide was examined under dairy(More)
In 2006, a new haemorrhagic syndrome affecting newborn calves, Bovine Neonatal Pancytopenia (BNP), was reported in southern Germany. It is characterized by severe bleeding, destruction of the red bone marrow, and a high case fatality rate. The syndrome is caused by alloreactive, maternal antibodies that are ingested by the calf with colostrum and result(More)
During distribution through an offshore transportation and cold-storage network, a multitonne consignment of cheese became contaminated, as apparent by a surface taint on some of the cheese blocks. Analysis of the volatile aroma compounds revealed that the taint was caused by styrene dibromide, estimated to be present in the tainted cheese at less than(More)
As a food defense measure against an extortion threat to poison infant formula with monofluoroacetate, a robust methodology for monofluoroacetate analysis in fluid milk and powdered dairy products was developed and optimized. Critical challenges posed by this situation required that the analytical methodology provide (i) high specificity, (ii) high(More)
Nitrofurazone is an antibiotic with carcinogenic properties. Efforts by regulatory authorities to control nitrofurazone from agricultural foods are an important public health measure that have, to some extent, been undermined by widespread use amongst laboratories of the unreliable marker metabolite semicarbazide. This work confirms what has long been(More)
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