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BACKGROUND Preterm birth has a dramatic impact on polyunsaturated fatty acid exposures for the developing brain. This study examined the association between postnatal fatty acid levels and measures of brain injury and development, as well as outcomes. METHODS A cohort of 60 preterm newborns (24-32 wk gestational age) was assessed using early and near-term(More)
UNLABELLED With the ubiquitous generation of complete genome assemblies for a variety of species, efficient tools for whole-genome alignment along with user-friendly visualization are critically important. Our VISTA family of tools for comparative genomics, based on algorithms for pairwise and multiple alignments of genomic sequences and whole-genome(More)
It is becoming increasingly necessary to develop computerized methods for identifying the few disease-causing variants from hundreds discovered in each individual patient. This problem is especially relevant for Copy Number Variants (CNVs), which can be cheaply interrogated via low-cost hybridization arrays commonly used in clinical practice. We present a(More)
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