Justin Filippou

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Gamification has the potential to improve the quality of learning by better engaging students with learning activities. Our objective in this study is to evaluate a gamified learning activity along the dimensions of learning, engagement, and enjoyment. The activity made use of a gamified multiple choice quiz implemented as a software tool and was trialled(More)
Gamifying learning activities can be beneficial as it can better engage students and result in improved learning. However, incorporating game elements into learning activities can be difficult because it requires an appropriate mix of science, art, and experience. Design science research can help to address this issue. In particular, its search process for(More)
Human behaviour is complex and human beings are difficult to persuade. Technology has developed into a crucial tool to influence human behaviour. Computers have increased in power and mobility and have become ubiquitous in people’s daily lives. Persuasive technology involves computers being designed explicitly for influencing behaviour. Social networking(More)
Students entering into their first year of university studies are subject to a jarring difference between the learning experiences of high school and university. High schools typically take a very structured approach to teaching whereas university expects students to take ownership of their learning. This dramatic shift often means students are not(More)
As a precursor to the development of a gamified system to improve learning outcomes, we investigate the perception of important stakeholders, namely learners, on gamification in learning. However, as gamification is a relatively new approach/term, we neither assume that learners are knowledgeable about it nor do we attempt to explain the term in detail to(More)
Using technology to persuade people to behave in a certain way is an ever-increasing field of study. The ability to persuade individuals is quite clear in e-commerce, where individuals are persuaded to make purchasing decisions. However, it can also be applied to other disciplines, such as education where improving the study behaviour of students would be(More)
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