Justin F. Galloway

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Little is known about engineered nanoparticles (NPs) exposures on oysters. As sessile filter feeders, oysters are likely to be exposed to NPs suspended in the water column with unknown effects of NP exposure on oyster functioning. Our study indicates that waterborne NPs alter oyster hemocyte phagocytosis dynamics, an indication of sub-lethal effects of NP(More)
UNLABELLED The water solubilization of nanoparticles is key for many applications in biomedicine. Despite the importance of surface functionalization, progress has been largely empirical and very few systematic studies have been performed. Here we report on the water solubilization of quantum dots using lipid encapsulation. We systematically evaluate the(More)
UNLABELLED Applications in nanomedicine, such as diagnostics and targeted therapeutics, rely on the detection and targeting of membrane biomarkers. In this article we demonstrate absolute quantitative profiling, spatial mapping, and multiplexing of cancer biomarkers using functionalized quantum dots (QDs). We demonstrate highly selective targeting molecular(More)
The respiratory system is one of the portals of entry into the body, and hence inhalation of engineered nanomaterials is an important route of exposure. The broad range of physicochemical properties that influence biological responses necessitate the systematic study to contribute to understanding occupational exposure. Here, we report on the influence of(More)
Antibodies are a class of molecules widely used in bioengineering and nanomedicine for applications involving protein recognition and targeting. Here we report an efficient method for universal conjugation of antibodies to lipid-coated nanoparticles using radially oriented FcγRIs. This method is performed in physiological solution with no additional(More)