Justin E. Lawrence

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Lytic viral production and lysogeny were investigated in cyanobacteria and heterotrophic bacteria during a bloom of Synechococcus spp. in a pristine fjord in British Columbia, Canada. Triplicate seawater samples were incubated with and without mitomycin C and the abundances of heterotrophic bacteria, cyanobacteria, total viruses and infectious cyanophage(More)
Freshwater species worldwide are experiencing dramatic declines partly attributable to ongoing climate change. It is expected that the future effects of climate change could be particularly severe in mediterranean climate (med-) regions, which host many endemic species already under great stress from the high level of human development. In this article, we(More)
Tolerance values (TVs) based on benthic macroinvertebrates are one of the most widely used tools for monitoring the biological impacts of water pollution, particularly in streams and rivers. We compiled TVs of benthic macroinvertebrates from 29 regions around the world to test 11 basic assumptions about pollution tolerance, that: (1) Arthropoda are <(More)
Streamflow augmentation has the potential to become an important application of recycled water in water scarce areas. We assessed the economic and ecological merits of a recycled water project that opted for an inland release of tertiary-treated recycled water in a small stream and wetland compared to an ocean outfall discharge. Costs for the status-quo(More)
Long-term studies can document temporal patterns in freshwater ecosystems, and this is particularly important in mediterranean-climate (med-climate) regions because of strong interannual variation in precipitation amounts and consequently stream flow. We review long-term studies of populations and communities of benthic macroinvertebrate and fishes from(More)
The analysis of some organophosphorus pesticides by fluorogenic labeling with dansyl chloride (5-dimethylaminonaphthalene--l-sulfonyl chloride) was investigated. The pesticides were hydrolysed in sodium hydroxide to the corresponding phenols. The reaction of dansyl chloride with the phenols was accomplished in a two-phase system. The resulting fluorescent(More)
The use of affinity chromatography methods to purify proteins from complex solutions is well established. The specific use of immuno-affinity chromatography, wherein antibody directed toward a target protein is utilized, has proven to be a particularly effective purification method. Application of immuno-affinity chromatography methods for the isolation of(More)
rn Fly ash residues from several sites in which solid municipal refuse is being incinerated for energy production were found to contain excessive amounts of cadmium and/or lead according to an empirical extraction test (0.5 N acetic acid) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Samples of associated bottom ashes contained acceptable levels of Cd(More)
Pseudofolliculitis barbae possibly affects 45% of all black servicemen and is a source of much misunderstanding and social unrest in the military. A recent study of 96 cases of pseudofolliculitis barbae has elucidated a successful shaving technique. It employs a 30-day period of beard regrowth to eliminate ingrown hairs, twice-daily use of a new polyester(More)
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