Justin E. Kretzer

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Species diversity and abundance of reptiles and amphibians were measured on and off black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) colonies to determine the extent to which herpetological species composition in a shortgrass prairie ecosystem is affected by presence of blacktailed prairie dog colonies. Ten species of reptiles and 3 species of amphibians(More)
Researchers currently use many different vegetation sampling methods in grassland systems (Shmida 1984, Stohlgren and Bull 1998, Barbour et al 1999). Each method examines the landscape at a slightly different grain (unit of observation) and extent (total area under study). Variation of study resolution (grain and extent together) and sampling frequency(More)
As ecosystem engineers, prairie dogs (Cynomys spp.) physically alter their environment, but the mechanism by which these alterations affect associated faunal composition is not well known. We examined how rodent and vegetation communities responded to prairie dog colonies and landcover at the Cimarron National Grassland in southwest Kansas, USA. We trapped(More)
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