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Watching video online is becoming increasingly popular, and new video streaming technologies have the potential to transform video watching from a passive, isolating experience into an active, socially engaging experience. However, the viability of an active social experience is unclear: both chatting and watching video require attention, and may interfere(More)
IBM Community Tools (ICT) is a synchronous broadcast messaging system in use by a very large, globally distributed organization. ICT is interesting for a number of reasons, including its scale of use (thousands of users per day), its usage model of employing large scale broadcast to strangers to initiate small group interactions, and the fact that it is a(More)
In this paper, we present Expediting Expertise, a system designed to provide structured support to the otherwise informal process of social learning in the enterprise. It employs a data-driven approach where online content is automatically analyzed and categorized into relevant topics, topic-specific user expertise is calculated by comparing the models of(More)
Inertial sensors continuously track the 3D orientation of a flying drone, serving as the bedrock for maneuvers and stabilization. However, even the best inertial measurement units (IMU) are prone to various types of correlated failures. We consider using multiple GPS receivers on the drone as a fail-safe mechanism for IMU failures. The core challenge is in(More)
Mood affects the decisions we make and our attitudes toward work and the people with whom we work. The availability of peripheral and focal information also affects the quality and speed of decision-making processes. We are exploring ways to use ambient lighting, music, and images over the course of group meetings in order to understand how these ambient(More)
Expertise and skill assessments are a common aspect of working in an enterprise, but manual assessments are onerous and quickly outdated. Automated assessments can alleviate these problems, albeit at the risk of being inaccurate. In this short paper, we focus on the problem of how to design an engaging learning system in the presence of potentially(More)
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