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BACKGROUND Children who are born to mothers with pediatric-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus are exposed to a hyperglycemic intra-uterine environment throughout pregnancy. The growth patterns and risk of type 2 diabetes in these offspring may be influenced by unique gene-environment interactions during intra-uterine and postnatal life. SUBJECTS We(More)
This is a prospective assessment of 163 total knee arthroplasties in 130 patients with the retention of both cruciate ligaments of which 107 knees in 89 patients have been followed for ten years. The patients were 34 men and 96 women whose average age, at the time of the index arthroplasty, was 67 years (range: 40 to 84 years). The diagnosis was(More)
Conventional methods in horizontal drilling processes incorporate magnetic surveying techniques for determining the position and orientation of the bottom-hole assembly (BHA). Such means result in an increased weight of the drilling assembly, higher cost due to the use of non-magnetic collars necessary for the shielding of the magnetometers, and significant(More)
We report on a 105-year-old woman presenting with inferior ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). She was managed with primary percutaneous intervention (PCI) to the right coronary artery with a single bare-metal stent. There were no acute complications, although she experienced delirium and functional decline requiring prolonged hospital admission.(More)
The causes of failure of total knee arthroplasty are now better known and usually avoidable, being due to the surgical technique. Choosing a prosthesis with minimal constraint is of paramount importance. Exact technique for perfect placement of the implant, realignment of the limb and correction of asymmetrical bone lesions are stringent prerequisites. As(More)
Case Report An 89-year-old man had a left-sided dual-chamber pacemaker (Symphony DR; Sorin CRM, Clamart, France) implanted for syncope, second-degree Mobitz II heart block, and periodic third-degree heart block. He was found to have an abrupt increase in right ventricular lead impedance and high capture thresholds, consistent with an impending lead(More)