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Image fusion is a process of combining two or more images into an image. It can extract features from source images, and provide more information than one image can. Multi-resolution analysis plays an important role in image processing, it provides a technique to decompose an image and extract information from coarse to fine scales. In some practical(More)
  • Justin Chen
  • 2008
America's embattled primary care system is nearing the breaking point. Primary care clinicians are expected to provide continuity of care for patients within an increasingly fractionated medical environment. They face ever-expanding hours with no corresponding rise in reimbursement rates, leading to high levels of job-related dissatisfaction. And while much(More)
average of 22 pages and 18 tables per section , the divisions are as follows: cardiology; the book focuses most heavily on cardiol-ogy, hematology, gastroenterology, and oncology review as these are not only the topics most often tested, but also the organ systems that give rise to the largest volume of diseases seen by an internist in general practice.(More)
Deaf and dumb people communicate among themselves using sign languages, but they find it difficult to expose themselves to the outside world. This paper proposes a method to convert the Indian Sign Language (ISL) hand gestures into appropriate text message. In this paper the hand gestures corresponding to ISL English alphabets are captured through a webcam.(More)
Staphylococcus aureus strains without catalase activity are rare, challenging to identify with conventional biochemical methods, and, despite a supposed decreased pathogenicity, can still cause disease. The first whole-genome sequence of a catalase-negative S. aureus isolate causing severe recurrent invasive infection with two novel missense mutations in(More)
The problem we are investigating is sign language recognition through unsupervised feature learning. Being able to recognize sign language is an interesting machine learning problem while simultaneously being extremely useful for deaf people to interact with people who don't know how to understand American Sign Language (ASL). Our approach was to first(More)
We present the Macaulay2 package NumericalImplicitization, which allows for user-friendly computation of the basic invariants of the image of a polynomial map, such as dimension, degree, and Hilbert function values. This package relies on methods of numerical algebraic geometry, such as homotopy continuation and monodromy. Introduction. Many varieties of(More)
BACKGROUND Cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation in critically ill patients is a well-recognized phenomenon with an incidence as high as 71 %. A number of studies have investigated the association between CMV reactivation and outcomes in critically ill patients with conflicting results. We propose to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis to determine(More)