Justin Chakma

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3 rant increased reimbursement. The hope is that some of the pilot projects currently under way sponsored by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Innovation Center) or by private payers will provide insights to answer this question. For example, can the various models for medical homes and accountable care organizations (ACOs) or other(More)
volume 27 number 10 october 2009 nature biotechnology The venture investors we interviewed emphasized the importance of staffing virtual companies with execution-oriented CEOs and with experienced senior operating executives. Investors often seek CEOs or COOs who have had extensive clinical trial experience in large pharmaceutical companies or CROs. In the(More)
BACKGROUND Although the World Health Organization had recommended that every child be vaccinated for Hepatitis B by the early 1980s, large multinational pharmaceutical companies held monopolies on the recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine. At a price as high as USD$23 a dose, most Indians families could not afford vaccination. Shantha Biotechnics, a pioneering(More)
BACKGROUND A traditional pathway for developing new health products begins with public research institutes generating new knowledge, and ends with the private sector translating this knowledge into new ventures. But while public research institutes are key drivers of basic research in sub-Saharan Africa, the private sector is inadequately prepared to(More)
We selected key emerging markets on the basis of previous studies published in 2007 to 2009 on Brazil 1 , India 2 , China 3 and South Africa 4 . In May 2011, initial data for China was gathered from Zero2IPO’s database of ~500 biopharmaceutical investment records, while initial data for India was gathered from VentureIntelligence’s database of ~60(More)
BACKGROUND Incubators are organizations that support the growth of new and typically technology-based enterprises, by providing business support services that bring together human and financial capital. Although the traditional role of incubators has been for economic development, they may also be a useful policy lever to tackle global health, by fostering(More)
783 Emergency Fund (UNICEF) contract for pentavalent vaccines from 2010–2012. Soon after, rumors emerged that multinationals were interested in bidding on Shantha, ultimately culminating in the takeover by Sanofi-Aventis the same year. The case of Shantha shows developing world biotech innovators can maintain a balance between local health impact and(More)
BACKGROUND While venture funding has been applied to biotechnology and health in high-income countries, it is still nascent in these fields in developing countries, and particularly in Africa. Yet the need for implementing innovative solutions to health challenges is greatest in Africa, with its enormous burden of communicable disease. Issues such as risk,(More)
IN HIS NEWS FOCUS STORY “EXPERT FIRMS play a hidden role in connecting science and fi nance” (11 January, p. 137), J. Mervis reports on the inner workings of expert networks and how universities are navigating potential confl icts of interest. However, Mervis does not address the apparent disconnect in how users of expert networks are perceived by the(More)