Justin Carlson

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Figure 1: The main idea in this paper is to combine the advantages of direct and iterative methods: we identify a subgraph that can easily be solved using direct methods, and use that as a preconditioner in conjugate gradients. This is illustrated above with a map of Beijing, where the subgraph is a spanning tree (in black), and the remaining loop-closing(More)
We present a fast, robust method for registering successive laser rangefinder scans. Correspondences between the current scan and previous scans are determined. Gaussian uncertainties of the correspondences are generated from the data, and are used to fuse the data together into a unified egomotion estimate using a Kalman process. Robustness is increased by(More)
Introduction to Mobile Robot Programming is a new project-based course taught at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar to undergraduates early in the curriculum. We describe the course details and relate our experiences and observations. We believe that this course is a valuable introductory computer science course; however, its success requires a significant(More)
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