Justin C Thomas

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Eye drops are inefficient means of delivering ophthalmic drugs because of limited bioavailability and these can cause significant side effects due to systemic uptake of the drug. The bioavailability for ophthalmic drugs can be increased significantly by using contact lenses. This study focuses on the development of surfactant-laden poly-hydroxy ethyl(More)
Maxillary anterior fixed prostheses may be compromised when pontics are adapted to deficient residual alveolar ridges. This study determined the effect of ridge contour on esthetics and function. Thirteen men and 17 women, 23 to 75 years of age, who had received maxillary anterior fixed prostheses during the period 1976 to 1986 participated. A six-item(More)
RiVax is a candidate ricin toxin subunit vaccine antigen that has proven to be safe in human phase I clinical trials. In this study, we introduced double and triple cavity-filling point mutations into the RiVax antigen with the expectation that stability-enhancing modifications would have a beneficial effect on overall immunogenicity of the recombinant(More)
There is great interest in the design and development of highly thermostable and immunogenic protein subunit vaccines for biodefense. In this study, we used two orthogonal and complementary computational protein design approaches to generate a series of single-point mutants of RiVax, an attenuated recombinant ricin A chain (RTA) protein subunit vaccine(More)
This fine structural study ofUlothrix flacca (Dillw.) ThuretRoscoffensis variety (Berger-Perrot), a marineUlothrix, describes in detail the flagellar apparatus configuration of gametesin situ in the gametangia and in motile zygotes. The gametes's flagellar apparatus shows two basal bodies overlapping at their proximal end at a 30° angle, in an 11/5 o'clock(More)
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