Justin Bush

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Networks have become a popular way to concisely represent complex nonlinear systems where the interactions and parameters are imprecisely known. One challenge is how best to describe the associated dynamics, which can exhibit complicated behavior sensitive to small changes in parameters. A recently developed computational approach that we refer to as a(More)
We discuss an algorithmic framework based on efficient graph algorithms and algebraic-topological computational tools. The framework is aimed at automatic computation of a database of global dynamics of a given m-parameter semidynamical system with discrete time on a bounded subset of the n-dimensional phase space. We introduce the mathematical background,(More)
The authors have taken a new approach to finding optimal conditions for stimulating conservative division of single isolated CD34(+)lin(-) hematopoietic stem cell candidates from human umbilical cord blood. The approach required the design and development of a novel multi-well single cell combinatorial culture system. This system incorporates the use of a(More)
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