Justin Burns

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Five physicians' radiological assessments of coalworkers' simple pneumoconiosis (CWP) in 2600 coalminers at 10 British collieries have been studied in relation to the individuals' estimated lifetime (mean 33 years) exposure to respirable coalmine dust. Estimates of exposure were based on 20 years of observations at each colliery. Radiographic(More)
Copper, through its role as cofactor for lysyl oxidase, is essential for intra- and inter-molecular cross-links in collagen. Copper deficiency, in man and in animals, is associated with bone fragility ascribed to defective cross-links. To assess bone strength in copper-deficient animals, we designed a sensitive torsion-testing apparatus according to(More)
Fourteen patients with primary hyperparathyroidism and whose initial serum calcium concentrations were 2.75 mmol/l (11.0 mg/100 ml) or more were followed up for five to 23 years without operative treatment. One had osteitis fibrosa when seen and died with a fibrosarcoma 22 years later. The remaining 13 patients, who were followed up for a mean of 10 years,(More)
One quarter of 172 patients from two hospitals with no obvious disturbances of calcium homeostasis and with total serum calcium concentrations that were normal after adjustment for albumin concentration had low serum ionised calcium concentrations. The low values were not due to changes in pH but were associated with hypoalbuminaemia. Significant positive(More)
Unexplained fractures are characteristic of both osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) and non-accidental injury (NAI) but in most cases the diagnosis is straightforward. However, in a few OI patients an initial diagnosis of NAI is made. Factors contributing to such difficulties include failure to recognise that OI can occur without a family history, without blue(More)
The purpose of this study was to devise a method for the tensile testing of the organic component of demineralised bone. It was hoped that the method could be applied to determine whether an observed reduction in the strength of bone in copper-deficient rats could be attributed to a reduction in the cross-linking of collagen. Tensile testing of a fully(More)
The effect of iron-folate supplementation on maternal serum copper concentration in late pregnancy (33 to 35 weeks gestation) was examined. In the 30 women who had taken daily iron-folate supplements since the start of the second trimester (11 to 15 weeks gestation), the median serum copper concentration was lower than that in the 27 women who had taken no(More)
Despite the introduction of new surgical techniques, the treatment of cartilage defects remains challenging. Delay or complete failure of cartilage healing is associated with problems in biological regeneration. The influence of mechanical conditions on this process, however, remains unevaluated. Osteochondral defects were generated on the left femoral(More)
The attack rate of simple pneumoconiosis in 2723 British coal miners is considered in relation to the men's dust exposures and smoking habits. A complementary analysis is presented, using less precise radiological data, of prevalence and attack rates in an independent group of miners. One of the analyses suggests that, at high dust exposures, smoking may be(More)