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This ecological study examined the association between seven socioeconomic indicators (GDP, unemployment rate, female labor force participation rate, alcohol expenditure, marriage rate, percentage of births outside of marriage, and indictable crime rate) and total, male, and female rates of suicide and suicide plus undetermined death in Ireland during the(More)
Clozapine is indicated for the treatment of patients intolerant of conventional antipsychotic agents. It is often used to treat those patients who have developed movement disorders while on conventional antipsychotics. We report three cases of dyskinesia associated with clozapine induction. We suggest a mechanism that might explain an underlying(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to evaluate long-term outcome of DSM-III-R panic disorder at a mean of 5.3 years following a controlled trial of treatment that included antidepressants and behavioural counselling. METHOD Sixty-eight (86%) subjects were evaluated by lengthy research interview. RESULTS Thirty-four per cent recovered and remained well, 46% were(More)
Among 79 volunteer, unpaid, family doctor-referred psychiatric out patients with DSM III-R panic disorder, with and without agoraphobia, 66 completed a six week placebo-controlled trial of lofepramine versus clomipramine and 57 survivors were followed up for 6 months. All subjects received one hour per week concurrent behavioural counselling in the acute(More)
Orbital inflammation initially presented in a patient who five years later developed renal obstruction from retroperitoneal fibrosclerosis. Biopsy revealed infiltration of chronic lymphocytic cells in the orbit and dense fibrous connective tissue in the pelvis. Episodes of proptosis were controlled with systemic steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years suicide among older adults has been increasing internationally. The suicide rate among older adults in Ireland is no exception. AIMS The aim of the current study was to report the rate of suicide among older adults in Ireland and to compare these rates to those of the UK. METHOD Suicide rates from 1975-2005 for older adults in(More)
Thirty-two cases of suicide outside prison were identified among 7008 Irish men under investigation for sexual offenses between 1990 and 1999. Previously this risk category has not been identified. Risk ratios of 1/1644 for those accused of offenses against adults, and 1/24 for those accused of offending against minors, respectively, were estimated based on(More)
Laryngeal papillomas were removed from two patients with the argon laser and examined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and stereoscanning electron microscopy (SSEM). Two techniques, lipid-carbohydrate retention for TEM specimens and sonication for SEM, were applied in studying the papillomas. Lipid-carbohydrate(More)