Justin Ajufo

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Resistance to antimicrobial agents is an emerging problem worldwide. Awareness of the undesirable consequences of its widespread occurrence has led to the initiation of antimicrobial agent resistance monitoring programs in several countries. In 1995, Denmark was the first country to establish a systematic and continuous monitoring program of antimicrobial(More)
Four strains of Mycoplasma synoviae grown in broth medium were negatively stained and examined in the electron microscope. The morphology of all four strains was essentially similar to that of other mycoplasmas. Fixation of the mycoplasmas in hypertonic solutions resulted in extensive distortion of the organisms as did incubation for periods up to 50 h at(More)
Salmonella in pork can be combated during pre- or post-harvest. For large slaughterhouses, post-harvest measures like decontamination might be cost-effective while this is less likely with small-to-medium sized slaughterhouses. In this study, pre-harvest measures might be more relevant. We describe an extended surveillance-and-control programme for(More)
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