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A model for dark matter, naturalness and a complete gauge unification
We consider dark matter in a minimal extension of the Standard Model (SM) which breaks electroweak symmetry dynamically and leads to a complete unification of the SM and technicolor couplingExpand
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Weakly interacting dark matter from the minimal walking technicolor
We study a weakly interacting dark matter particle motivated by minimal walking technicolor theories. Our WIMP is a mixture of a sterile state and a state with the charges of a standard model fourthExpand
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First Order Electroweak Phase Transition from (Non)Conformal Extensions of the Standard Model
We analyse and compare the finite-temperature electroweak phase transition properties of classically (non)conformal extensions of the Standard Model. In the classically conformal scenarios theExpand
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Light magnetic dark matter in direct detection searches
We study a fermionic Dark Matter particle carrying magnetic dipole moment and analyze its impact on direct detection experiments. In particular we show that it can accommodate the DAMA, CoGeNT andExpand
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The WIMP of a Minimal Technicolor Theory
We consider the possibility that a massive fourth family neutrino, predicted by a recently proposed minimal technicolor theory, could be the source of the dark matter in the universe. The model hasExpand
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Dark matter from unification
We consider a minimal extension of the Standard Model (SM), which leads to unification of the SM coupling constants, breaks electroweak symmetry dynamically by a new strongly coupled sector and leadsExpand
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Constraints on Majorana dark matter from a fourth lepton family
We study the possibility of dark matter in the form of heavy neutrinos from a fourth lepton family with helicity suppressed couplings such that dark matter is produced thermally via annihilations inExpand
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Dark Matter Interference
We study different patterns of interference in WIMP-nuclei elastic scattering that can accommodate the DAMA and CoGeNT experiments via an isospin violating ratio fn/fp = -0.71. We study interferenceExpand
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Naturality, unification, and dark matter
We consider a model where electroweak symmetry breaking is driven by technicolor dynamics with minimal particle content required for walking coupling and saturation of global anomalies. Furthermore,Expand
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