Jussi T. Sopanen

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Mechanical interactions between a wind turbine and a direct-driven permanent-magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) are studied, and a model to analyze the system behavior is suggested. The proposed model can be applied to analyze the mechanical vibrations of direct-driven wind turbine installations both in steady state and in dynamic cases. The cogging torque(More)
High-speed permanent-magnet synchronous machines (HS PMSMs) are a popular topology among modern electrical machines. Suitable applications for such machines are low-power vacuum pumps, compressors, and chillers. This paper describes a systematic design methodology for an HS PMSM using two case studies. The design process for such high-speed (HS) machines is(More)
The paper addresses the electrical and mechanical design process of a traction motor for a hybrid bus application. In general, the design process of the electric motors requires intimate co-operation between different engineering disciplines. Often compromises are needed in order to satisfy both the electrical and mechanical performance specifications. From(More)
An electrical and mechanical design process for a traction motor in a hybrid bus application is studied. Usually, the design process of an electric machine calls for close cooperation between various engineering disciplines. Compromises may be required to satisfy the boundary conditions of electrical, thermal, and mechanical performances. From the(More)
A commissioning and laboratory tests of an active magnetic bearing supported PM 3kW blower are presented. The motor operation is evaluated in no-load and load tests. An identification of AMB-rotor system, testing of H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> centralized control and mass-flow of the blower for recirculation of anode gas in a SOFC are discussed. The key results(More)
This study investigates the impact of transmission topology on the combined mechanical and electrical efficiency of an Electric Vehicle (EV) by comparing two types of transmissions. In an EV, due to space restrictions, a relatively high-speed electric motor is used with a reduction gear to provide adequate torque production. Since the electric motor's(More)
A new concept that integrates a permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor (PMSM) and a 2-step planetary gearbox for heavy machinery electric traction is introduced. A clear need for this kind of a solution is recognized in the field of diesel-electric hybrid off-road vehicles as electrical machine cannot fulfill alone all the demands of the typical load(More)
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