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The paper deals with positioning system for an autonomous vehicle ARSKA. Localization of the vehicle is based on fusion of internal dead reckoning navigation and periodic absolute position measurements. Fusion is done by using Kalman-filtering technique. Similar kind of approach is used in correcting the heading measurement. This is important because the(More)
The outcome of herbivore-host plant interactions is partly a function of variation within the two populations. We partitioned variance in herbivore growth performance into components attributable to differences between trees, differences between (full-sib) insect broods, and tree x brood interactions. Growth performance of Epirrita larvae feeding on a small(More)
This paper presents a human dead-reckoning system for beaconless indoor positioning. The system is based on traditional dead-reckoning sensors like compass, gyro, and accelerometers. Due to the difficult kinematics of a human, there are no ready solutions for the odometry. This problem is solved by using a self-made stride length measurement unit and laser(More)
Despite of rapid development in search and rescue robotics, the role of the human being is still very important both in the mission control and in the rescue field. However, robots can support humans in various ways. Combining humans and robots into a telematic system opens new possibilities in the rescue area. This paper explains a possible solution to add(More)
— Human cooperation with robots receive increasing attention in many areas in order to deal with tasks that are too difficult to be solved by humans alone. This paper presents main concepts in design of a hybrid telematic system for cooperative rescue operations in cases of emergencies or catastrophes based on results of a user requirement analysis. A(More)
The goal of this research is to develop the human robot interface for a multi-task outdoor robot called WorkPartner (Wopa). Due to the nature of the robot, the interface is designed to support learning and continuous cooperation with the human operator in various outdoors work tasks. The natural human communication methods like speech and gestures are(More)