Jussi Kärnä

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Linkage studies using restriction fragment length polymorphisms were conducted in the X-linked disorder, choroideremia, designated TCD for Progressive Tapeto-Choroidal Dystrophy. Previously demonstrated close linkage with locus DXYS1 was confirmed (lod 11.44 at 0 recombination distance). In addition, locus DXYS12 was found to be closely linked with TCD (lod(More)
A linkage study was carried out in nine families with 24 males affected by X-linked recessive retinoschisis (RS), using three polymorphic DNA probes from the distal segment of Xp. Close linkage of the disease locus with markers DXS41 (probe p99-6) and DXS16 (pXUT23) was found, confirming the location of the RS gene on the distal short arm of the X(More)
X-linked recessive retinoschisis (RS) is a hereditary disorder with variable clinical features. The main symptoms are poor sight; radial, cystic macula degeneration; and peripheral superficial retinal detachment. The disease is quite common in Finland, where at least 300 hemizygous males have been diagnosed. We used nine polymorphic DNA markers to study the(More)
Multipoint linkage analysis of choroideremia (TCD) and seven X chromosomal restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) was carried out in 18 Finnish TCD families. The data place TCD distal to PGK and DXS72, very close to DXYS1 and DXYS5 (Zmax = 24 at θ = 0) and proximal to DXYS4 and DXYS12. This agrees with the data obtained from other linkage studies(More)
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