Jussi Hakokari

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Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) is a neurocutaneous-skeletal disorder often accompanied with varying degrees of cognitive and motor problems that potentially affect speech and language. While previous studies have shown that NF1 may be associated with a variety of deviations in the patients' speech, they have not investigated the characteristics in phonetic(More)
We have investigated utterance-initial duration of non-plosive consonants in two qualitatively different Finnish speech corpora. The goal has been to identify any possible lengthening or shortening effects the domain edge (here, the beginning of an utterance) might have on segmental duration. Duration was observed at phone level. The results indicate that(More)
This paper examines the way acoustic segmental duration correlates with utterance length in Finnish. It is commonly assumed that shorter utterances are characterized by greater segmental duration. However, that view has recently attracted some criticism. We conducted an explorative study on two linguistically uncontrolled Finnish-language speech corpora by(More)
We are developing a Finnish rule-based TTS system. Our primary concern is to enhance naturalness in the synthesis by observing tendencies in natural language and implementing the findings into the synthesis. We have concentrated on modeling duration, which is essential to the Finnish language due to contrasting phonemic length and the fact that the(More)
This study describes a computational method for studying variation in articulation rate in a qualitatively mixed speech corpus. The method works within the scope of individual utterances, replacing each single speech sound’s time information with a coefficient based on its duration relative to its environment. It can be used to generalize and determine(More)
This paper describes a recent attempt to define expressiveness in the context of speech synthesis. With concatenative techniques, we have overcome the barrier of portraying extra-linguistic information in speech synthesis, by using the actual voice of a recognisable person as a source for units, but we still face the barrier of expressing the variety in the(More)
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