Jussi Ekstrom

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The accessory soleus muscle is an unusual anatomical variant that may present as a mass in the distal calf or medial ankle region. On both magnetic resonance (MR) and ultrasound, this variant has appearances similar to adjacent normal muscle. The diagnosis can be strongly suggested by typical location and by both echo texture and MR signal pattern of(More)
Visualization of intrahepatic bile ducts (IHBDs) at computed tomography (CT) has previously been considered evidence of biliary obstruction. The authors have found that hepatic CT enhanced with contrast material and with the use of ceramic scintillation detectors allows frequent visualization of normal IHBDs. One hundred patients without imaging,(More)
Although magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy, respectively, have become state-of-the-art techniques for imaging and treating knee ailments, arthrography remains a useful, cost-effective technique in the evaluation of the meniscal abnormalities. Arthrography is a viable procedure in the initial assessment of suspected meniscus pathology.
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