Jussara Gazzola

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BACKGROUND Malnutrition due to liver disease is common and its assessment is difficult. The parameters of nutritional evaluation often used in clinical practice have limited use in cirrhotic patients. Many of the clinical signs of malnutrition are the result of the underlying hepatic disease which tends to confound and alter the nutritional diagnosis. AIM(More)
The effect of free cholesterol on the fatty acid composition and growth of rat fetal enterocytes was investigated in the absence and presence of 10% (v/v) fetal calf serum. Cholesterol caused a significant reduction of cell number after 6 and 12 h in culture. The fatty acid composition of enterocytes cultured in the presence of serum was also changed by the(More)
The effect of cholesterol on fetal rat enterocytes and IEC-6 cells (line originated from normal rat small intestine) was examined. Both cells were cultured in the presence of 20 to 80 microM cholesterol for up to 72 h. Apoptosis was determined by flow cytometric analysis and fluorescence microscopy. The expression of HMG-CoA reductase and peroxisome(More)
In this study, the metabolomics characterization focusing on the carotenoid composition of ten cassava (Manihot esculenta) genotypes cultivated in southern Brazil by UV-visible scanning spectrophotometry and reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatography was performed. Cassava roots rich in β-carotene are an important staple food for populations with(More)
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