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A randomized, controlled clinical trial comparing the use of lipiodol-transcatheter arterial embolization (L-TAE) in the presence versus the absence of Adriamycin (ADR) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma was conducted from August 1988 through September 1989. In all, 125 Japanese hospitals participated in this study and 289 patients were entered(More)
A randomized clinical trial comparing L-TAE with Farmorubicin (FARM) and L-TAE with Adriamycin (ADR) in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma was conducted from October 1989 through December 1990. In all, 192 hospitals participated in this study and 117 patients were entered. The patients were randomly allocated to group A (L-TAE+FARM) or group B(More)
Serum samples obtained from 289 first-time and 114 repeat donors at the Blood Center of Mongolia (MBC) were tested for serological and molecular markers of hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) infections. Among the 403 blood donors, 33 (8.2%), 21 (5.2%), and 27 (6.7%) tested positive for hepatitis B surface(More)
Splenic blood flow was measured in 12 patients including 6 patients with idiopathic portal hypertension (I. P. H.) by the combined use of SSKr and celiac catheterization technique. I .P .H. was defined as an unexplained portal hypertension with gross splenomegaly without either cirrhosis or extrahepatie portal obstruction. Splenic blood flow per 100g.(More)
EFFECTS OF WITHDRAWAL OF HAT wITH TZBOLON~ON Bo~rR MINERAL DENSITY IN EARLY POBTMZNOPAUSJ~L WOMEN Berninu B(1), Kuyok van C(2), Kioovio PM(3), Coelingh Bennink HJT(3), Fauser BCJM(2). (1)Dept 0bs/Gyn; (2)Dept Radiol, DiJkzlgt University Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; (3) MRDU, NVOrganon, Oss, The Netherlands. PURPOSE= To quantify the loss of BDM(More)
An investigation was carried out into the effects of lipiodol-transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (L-TACE) therapy on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and metastatic liver cancer, as well as the effects of oral 5-fluorouracil administration after L-TACE. For L-TACE, lipiodol mixed with adriamycin (doxorubicin) was injected through a catheter inserted(More)
In Japan, mul t i lobular echinococcosis of the liver has been found endemically only at Rebun Island and Nemuro district , Hokkaido. This is a rare disease but its diagnostic and therapeut ic problems remain to be solved. We previously reported analytical evaluat ion of surgical therapy based upon our experiences and in this view we present the resul ts of(More)
As described previously, it was observed that histalog increase both G.B.F. and G.M.B.F. and that gastrin strongly influenced G.M.B.F. in particular. It seems evident because the capillary vessels on the gastric mucosa was dilated selectively by gastrin when the rat gastric mucosa was examined under biomicroscope. Moreover, under the influence of(More)
(1-RL/RI) )< 100. Per cent in t rahepat ic shunt averaged 6% in normal rats, 20% in hepat ic fibrosis, and 49% in hepatic c i r rhosis . The corre la t ion between the per cent in t rahepat ic shunt and the per cent of in ters t i t ia l t issue was highly significant. These resul t s are s imi lar to those in cl inical studies. Thus, appropr ia teness of(More)
The results were as follows; 1) A significant decrease in se rum zinc was found in cases of the gastric cancer. 2) Zinc concentrat ion of gastric juice tended to increase in cases of the gastric cancer as compared with the normal subjects. 3) Urinary excretion of zinc remained within the normal range in patients of the gastric cancer without any metastasis(More)