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The process of implementing a Web Content Management System (WCM) can be complex and time consuming. We argue that there is a need for a web engineering methods specifically addressing WCM implementations. In this paper we present the design phase of our Web Engineering Method (WEM). The design phase of WEM addresses fourteen identified key WCM concepts and(More)
Software producing organizations are frequently judged by others for being 'open' or 'closed', where a more 'closed' organization is seen as being detrimental to its software ecosystem. These qualifications can harm the reputation of these companies, for they are deemed to promote vendor lock-in, use closed data formats, and are seen as using intellectual(More)
Web applications are evolving towards strong content-centered Web applications. The development processes and implementation of these applications are unlike the development and implementation of traditional information systems. In this paper we propose WebEngineering Method; a method for developing content management system (CMS) based Web applications.(More)
Customizing Web applications is complex and result in possible complications when upgrading. The Web content management system 'GX WebManager' offers WebManager component bundles (WCBs): a new plug-in system for adding custom functionality runtime to the Web application. WCBs consist of three, open source and open standards based technologies: open services(More)
Organizations increasingly utilize Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) to improve development speed, online flexibility and cost effectiveness for web applications. However, organizations lack the organizational processes and structure to effectively maintain WCMS. We propose a WCMS Process Framework for the operation and maintenance phase of Web(More)
Model-driven web approaches focus on creating robust web applications. There are two downsides to using these model-driven web approaches: they consist of a unique set of models and method and they are aimed at designing web applications from scratch. In this paper we present the Method Association Approach, which selects and constructs fitting methods from(More)
Content management systems provide a modern method of Web engineering to improve development speed and maintenance effectiveness. Organizations increasingly use these content management systems to leverage their Web applications. However, organizations lack the organizational processes and structure to effectively maintain content management system-based(More)