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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to determine whether a new degradable synthetic barrier membrane (Vivosorb) composed of poly(dl-lactide-epsilon-caprolactone) (PDLLCL) can be useful in(More)
OBJECTIVE In a double blind randomised clinical pilot trial, it was investigated whether low intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy stimulates early bone formation in a distraction gap created in a(More)
Vivosorb is a new degradable membrane composed of poly(DL-lactide-epsilon-caprolactone) (PDLLCL). The aim of this study was to appraise its performance in guided bone regeneration procedures. In 192(More)
Whether low intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy stimulates osteogenesis in mandibular distraction was investigated in a double-blind trial. Nine patients underwent a vertical mandibular distraction(More)