Jurjen Kamphorst

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Duisenberg school of finance is a collaboration of the Dutch financial sector and universities, with the ambition to support innovative research and offer top quality academic education in core areas of finance. Abstract: This paper o¤ers a new theory of discrimination in the workplace. We consider a manager who has to assign two tasks to two employees. The(More)
This paper provides an axiomatic approach to characterizing the Nash architectures in directed networks. In a directed network (also called one-way flow networks) when player i establishes a link with player j, only player i is able to access player j's information. Player j must establish a separate link with i to gain access to her information. The common(More)
We study how players in a local interaction hawk dove game will learn, if they can either imitate the most succesful player in the neighborhood or play a best reply versus the opponent's previous action. From simulations it appears that each learning strategy will be used, because each performs better when it is less popular. Despite that, clustering may(More)
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