Juris Reinfelds

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This paper presents a curriculum designed for a two semester foundation course for Computer Science majors. Our course distributes the widely accepted basic toolbox of algorithms and data structures over functional, logic and imperative programming. In this way the programming paradigm becomes a problem solving tool instead of a monolingual impediment to a(More)
The development of efficient, reliable and inexpensive microelectronics has brought about a drastic reduction in the cost of computing time so that the programmer's time spent on a problem is no longer an insignificant part of the total cost. Furthermore, the rapid development of faster, larger and less expensive computers will soon make more computing(More)
The AMTRAN system (Automatic Mathematical TRANslator) is a multiterminal conversational mode computing system which enables the mathematically oriented user to interact directly with the computer in a natural mathematical language. The first version of AMTRAN was developed at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, and was implemented on(More)