Jurij Reščič

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The catalytic effect of charged micelles as manifested through the increased collision frequency between the counterions of an electrolyte in the presence of such micelles is explored by the Monte Carlo simulation technique and various theoretical approaches. The micelles and ions are pictured as charged hard spheres embedded in a dielectric continuum with(More)
Like-charged macroions in aqueous electrolyte solution can attract each other because of the presence of inter- and/or intramolecular correlations. Poisson-Boltzmann theory is able to predict attractive interactions if the spatially extended structure (which reflects the presence of intramolecular correlations) of the mobile ions in the electrolyte is(More)
The solubility of aqueous solutions of lysozyme in the presence of polyethylene glycol and various alkaline salts was studied experimentally. The protein-electrolyte mixture was titrated with polyethylene glycol, and when precipitation of the protein occurred, a strong increase of the absorbance at 340 nm was observed. The solubility data were obtained as a(More)
It is well-known that the addition of salts influences the properties of proteins in solution. The essential nature of this phenomenon is far from being fully understood, partly due to the absence of the relevant thermodynamic information. To help fill this gap, in this work isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) was employed to study the ion-lysozyme(More)
The potential of mean force between two spherical and like-charged macroions in a salt-free aqueous solution has been determined using an extended primitive model and canonical Monte Carlo simulations. The systems considered covered the range from a purely repulsive to a purely attractive potential of mean force as the electrostatic coupling was increased.(More)
Many separation processes are related to the behavior of ions close to charged surfaces. In this work, we examine uranyl ions, which can be considered as rod-like molecular ions with a spatially distributed charge, embedded in a system of like charged surfaces. The analysis of the system is based on an approximate field theory which is accurate from the(More)
The silica particle interactions in the presence of spermidine were systematically investigated both from experimental and theoretical points of view. The hydrodynamic radii and the corresponding polydispersity indices of the colloidal silica particles were determined by dynamic light scattering (DLS) as a function of spermidine concentration. Whereas the(More)
Monte Carlo simulation and Poisson-Boltzmann results on some aspects of structure and thermodynamics of aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions are presented. The polyelectrolyte solution is described by an infinitely long cylindrical polyion surrounded by counterions modeled as rigid ions moving in a continuum dielectric. Ion-ion correlations in the form of(More)
The interaction between like-charged objects in electrolyte solutions can be heavily altered by the presence of multivalent ions which possess a spatially distributed charge. In this work, we examine the influence of stiff, multivalent zwitterionic polymers on the interaction between charged surfaces using a splitting field theory previously shown to be(More)
A coarse-grained model of simple monovalent electrolyte solution in contact with a zwitterionic lipid layer in continuum solvent is studied by canonical Monte Carlo computer simulations and extended Poisson-Boltzmann theory. A structure of zwitterionic layer as well as concentration profiles of positively and negatively charged monovalent ions were obtained(More)