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Synchronization of driven oscillators is a key aspect of flow generation in artificial and biological filaments such as cilia. Previous theoretical and numerical studies have considered the "rotor" model of a cilium in which the filament is coarse grained into a colloidal sphere driven with a given force law along a predefined trajectory to represent the(More)
Two colloidal spheres are maintained in oscillation by switching the position of an optical trap when a sphere reaches a limit position, leading to oscillations that are bounded in amplitude but free in phase and period. The interaction between the oscillators is only through the hydrodynamic flow induced by their motion. We prove that in the absence of(More)
Motile cilia are highly conserved structures in the evolution of organisms, generating the transport of fluid by periodic beating, through remarkably organized behavior in space and time. It is not known how these spatiotemporal patterns emerge and what sets their properties. Individual cilia are nonequilibrium systems with many degrees of freedom. However,(More)
Short DNA linkers are increasingly being exploited for driving-specific self-assembly of Brownian objects. DNA-functionalized colloids can assemble into ordered or amorphous materials with tailored morphology. Recently, the same approach has been applied to compliant units, including emulsion droplets and lipid vesicles. The liquid structure of these(More)
Differentiation of lymphocytes is frequently accompanied by cell cycle changes, interplay that is of central importance for immunity but is still incompletely understood. Here, we interrogate and quantitatively model how proliferation is linked to differentiation in CD4+ T cells. We perform ex vivo single-cell RNA-sequencing of CD4+ T cells during a mouse(More)
A two-state oscillator in a viscous liquid is composed of a micron-scale particle whose intrinsic dynamics is defined by linear potentials that undergo configuration-coupled transitions and is externally driven by a piecewise constant periodic force of varying amplitude and frequency. This elementary example of "active matter" has the minimal elements that(More)
Using videomicroscopy imaging, we demonstrate the existence of a short-ranged equilibrium attraction between heavy silica colloids diffusing on soft surfaces of cross-linked polymer gels. The intercolloid potential can be tuned by changing the gel stiffness or by coating the colloids with a polymer layer. On sufficiently soft substrates, the interaction(More)
Erratum After the publication of this work [1] it was noticed that four authors were omitted from the author list and author contributions. These authors have now been added to the list, and the updated author contributions are included below. Authors' contributions VP, LHV, KNN, JP and TL carried out ex vivo/in vitro experiments. RM and KRJ carried out in(More)
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