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From Metropolis to Microcosmos: The EU’s New Standards of Civilisation
While some denounce the legacies of colonialism they discern in the EU’s practices and discourse, others believe these accusations to be unfounded, raising the question: how apt is the analogyExpand
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The Choice for Sustainable Solidarity in Post-Crisis Europe
Who is opposed to solidarity? Unsurprisingly, everyone seems to invoke it as the magic bullet that will lead Europe out of its current crisis. It is the existence or absence of solidarity, we areExpand
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Solidarity: For Sale? The Social Dimension of the New European Economic Governances. Europe in Dialogue 2012/01
The Europeans can be proud as they look back on fifty years of peaceful integration. Nowadays many people in the world see the European Union as a model of how states and their citizens can workExpand
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Introduce a European memory day
Equality of Opportunity in a European Social Market Economy
This article investigates what role the ideal of equality of opportunity should play in a European social market economy (ESME). After defining ‘social market economy’ and sketching differentExpand
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Taxploitation and Complicity
This article investigates the moral issues surrounding ‘taxploitation’, a term which I coin for behaviour short of tax evasion insofar as it is within the letter of the law, but nonetheless clearlyExpand
Fairness and Risk-Sharing in Transnational Monetary Governance
Creating the Eurozone has been one of the most significant steps of European integration: By voluntarily abandoning exchange rates and transferring control over monetary matters to a supranationalExpand
Just boundaries for demoicrats
Abstract This article asks what features should characterise the boundaries between the EU and the outside world from the standpoint of demoicracy. Section one summarises the normative core of thatExpand
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