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In this study we examined several behavioral, personality, and cognitive characteristics of boys with FG syndrome. We confirmed high rates of attention and activity level problems, which were described previously. Nine of the 11 patients met criteria for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The boys did not manifest autistic behavior, and none met(More)
The Regesta Imperii (RI) are an important source for research in European-medieval history. Sources spread over many centuries of medieval history – mainly charters of German-Roman Emperors – are summarized as " Regests " and pooled in the RI. Interesting medieval demographic groups and players are i.a. cities, citizens or spiritual institutions (e.g.(More)
The 2016 CLPsych Shared Task was to automatically triage posts from a mental health forum into four categories: green (everything is fine), amber (a moderator needs to look at this post), red (a moderator urgently needs to look at this post) and crisis (the person might hurt himself or others). The final results for the task revealed that this problem was(More)
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