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Discotic Liquid Crystals.
When size matters: exploring the potential of aminocyclopropenium cations as head groups in triphenylene-derived ionic liquid crystals in comparison with guanidinium and ammonium units
ABSTRACT The influence of the size of a single ionic head group on the mesomorphic properties of hexaalkoxytriphenylenes was investigated by synthesising three derivatives with increasing head groupExpand
Self‐Assembly of Aminocyclopropenium Salts: En Route to Deltic Ionic Liquid Crystals
Differential scanning calorimetry, polarizing optical microscopy and X‐ray diffraction provided insight into the unique self‐assembly and nanosegregation of these liquid crystals. Expand
Optimized UV Nanoimprinting Processes for Fabrication of High Fidelity Patterns
UV Nanoimprint Lithography as a flexible and lowcost nonconventional lithographic method has been investigated with focus on resolution, shape and substrate size. Resolution in the range of 12.5 nmExpand