Jurgen Schulz-Harder

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DBC substrates are the standard circuit boards for power modules. Using DBC technology, thick copper foils (0.125 mm-0.7 mm) are cladded to alumina or aluminum nitride. The strong adhesion of the copper to ceramic bond reduces the thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) in the horizontal direction only slightly above the TEC of the ceramic itself. This allows(More)
Thermal dissipation in power electronics systems is becoming an extremely important issue with the continuous growth of power density in their components. The primary cause of failure in this equipment is excessive temperatures in the critical components, such as semiconductors and transformers. This problem is particularly important in power electronic(More)
Power electronics devices are generating heat losses up to several hundreds of Watt/cm<sup>2</sup>. Chip shrinking causes a steady increase of heat to be dissipated. Intelligent solutions must be developed for better heat conduction from the chip to the ambient. The reduction of the thermal resistance of power modules is one of the challenges for the(More)
Direct bond copper (DBC) substrates have been proven for many years as an excellent solution for electrical isolation and thermal management of high power semiconductor modules. The advantages of DBC-substrates are high current carrying capability due to thick copper metallization and a thermal expansion close to that of silicon at the copper surface due to(More)
This paper presents the concept and experimental demonstration of flat copper heat pipe (HP) embedded in extremely thin 3-D packaging substrates. Since conventional machining for this application is very complicated and expensive, the direct bonded copper (DBC) technology proved to be interesting for mass production. The experimental results demonstrated(More)
A novel heat pipe design was developed consisting or a ceramic substrate sandwich with integrated flat heat pipe. On both sides of the heat pipe active electronic components, such as IGBT's or MOSFET's, can be mounted on an etched copper circuit. Heat densities over 80 W/cm<sub>2</sub> can be dissipated easily. The functionality is independent of the(More)
As the power densities of power components continue to grow, thermal issues are becoming extremely important and vital for the product quality. The primary causes of failures in electronic equipment are the excessive temperatures of the critical components, such as semiconductors and transformers. Power systems for space application are usually housed in(More)
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