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AIM To determine circulating and hepatic adiponectin in rodents with fatty liver disease or liver cirrhosis and investigate expression of the adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 on the mRNA and protein level and AdipoR2 on the mRNA level. METHODS Fat fed rats were used as a model for fatty liver disease and bile duct ligation in mice to investigate cirrhotic(More)
AIM To investigate the effects of ZK1916784, a low calcemic analog of calcitriol on intestinal inflammation. METHODS Acute and chronic colitis was induced by dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) according to standard procedures. Mice were treated intraperitoneally with ZK1916784 or placebo and colonic inflammation was evaluated. Cytokine production by mesenterial(More)
INTRODUCTION Rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts (RASF) are key players in synovial pathophysiology and are therefore examined extensively in various experimental approaches. We evaluated, whether passaging during culture and freezing has effects on gene expression and cell proliferation. METHODS RASF were passaged for up to 8 passages. RNA was(More)
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