Jurgen Figys

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VDAC--a mitochondrial channel involved in the control of aerobic metabolism and apoptosis--interacts in vitro and in vivo with a wide repertoire of proteins including cytoskeletal elements. A functional interaction between actin and Neurospora crassa VDAC was reported, excluding other VDAC isoforms. From a recent genome-wide screen of the VDAC interactome,(More)
The identification of epitopes involved in protein-protein interactions is essential for understanding protein structure and function. Large scale efforts, although identifying the interactions, did not always yield these epitopes, could not confirm most of the known interactions, and seemed particularly unsuccessful for native intrinsic membrane proteins.(More)
VDAC, a mitochondrial outer membrane channel, is involved in the control of aerobic metabolism and in apoptotic processes via numerous protein-protein interactions. To unveil those interactions, we screened a human liver cDNA library with the phage display methodology optimized to target VDAC reconstituted into a membrane environment. One positively(More)
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