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As part of a program for evaluation of environmental contaminants in drinking water, risk assessments are being conducted to develop Public Health Goals (PHGs) for chemicals in drinking water, based solely on public health considerations. California's Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996 mandated the development of PHGs for over 80 chemicals by 31 December 1999.(More)
Investigations using inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DP IV) activities and DP IV-/- mice indicated an immunoregulatory role of DP IV that could not be compensated by DP IV-like enzymes. The HIV-1 Tat protein was identified as the first natural inhibitor of DP IV and as immunosuppressor. This review summarizes our investigations on the identification(More)
Proteolytic enzymes contribute to the regulation of cellular functions such as cell proliferation and death, cytokine production, and matrix remodeling. Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DP IV) catalyzes the cleavage of several cytokines and thereby contributes to the regulation of cytokine production and the proliferation of immune cells. Here we show for the first(More)
learning and invention using new technologies. The Cleveland Institute of Art, the only five year professional art school in the U.S., has created the Professional Partnership Program (PPP) which allows us to stimulate the right challenge in academic settings, as well as creating revenue. One of the most satisfying results of the PPP has been an exciting(More)
Over the past decade in most Art Schools and Universities, new digital art and design programs have been implemented. These new programs provide a variety of education for animation; mainly 3D, special effects, web design and interactive gaming. In 1999, I was hired at the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) as an integral part of a school wide taskforce,(More)
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