Jurgen Beyerer

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We consider the recognition of dangerous situations in vehicle traffic. Unscented Kalman filters are used to predict vehicle trajectories within a short prediction horizon [t<inf>0</inf>, t<inf>0</inf>+ &#x0394;t]. Based on this prediction, for each vehicle pair the mutual distance is computed for [t<inf>0</inf>, t<inf>0</inf>+ &#x0394;t], whereby the(More)
Uncertainties in the sensor data such as measurement noise, false detections caused by clutter, as well as merged, split, incomplete or missed detections due to a sensor malfunction or occlusions (both due to the limited sensor field of view and objects in the scene) make multi-target tracking a very complicated task. Thus one of the big challenges is track(More)
The automatic assessment of the texture of honed surfaces of cylinder bores based on microscopic grey level images is a demanding task. Although for some of the problems arising in this context, solutions are already given in literature [6,7,9], there remains a lot of work to be done due to the complexity of honing textures and the high quality demands made(More)
In this paper we present our latest approach for 2D hand tracking in video streams of head-worn monocular color cameras. Those are lightweight and embedded in many head-mounted devices (HMDs) like eye trackers, Augmented Reality glasses or Virtual Reality devices to capture the field of view from the ego perspective. Interaction with virtual elements of the(More)
Transparent objects play important roles in different sectors, e.g., they are employed in high precision optical systems or to guide laser beams in surgery. Hence, transparent materials have to meet high quality requirements. However, most of the existing elaborated automated inspection approaches are not applicable for the inspection of transparent(More)
This paper presents a unit to measure steering wheel angles and pedal positions in cars where internal sensors cannot be installed or accessed. It provides the necessary information to build a version of the unit, to customize it for a given application and to understand its behavior. Circuit board layouts and CAD files for 3D printing are also provided(More)
Anomaly detection supports human decision makers in their surveillance tasks to ensure security. To gain the trust of the operator, it is important to develop a robust system, which gives the operator enough insight to take a rational choice about future steps. In this work, the maritime domain is investigated. Here, anomalies occur in trajectory data.(More)
In contemporary medicine, diagnostic processes provided by Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) play a key role. A CPG provides recommendations that open up a scope of actions for the medical practitioner. But there is a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical solutions. Furthermore, barriers of implementation can arise. Taking these challenges into(More)
Bayesian statistics leads to a powerful fusion methodology, especially for the fusion of heterogeneous information sources. If fusion problems are handled under consideration of the full expressiveness and the full range of methods provided by Bayesian statistics, the Bayesian fusion methodology possesses an impressive wide range of applications. We discuss(More)
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