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This paper discusses and documents the algorithms of SsfPack 2.2. SsfPack is a suite of C routines for carrying out computations involving the statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate models in state space form. The emphasis is on documenting the link we have made to the Ox computing environment. SsfPack allows for a full range of different state(More)
Practical aspects of likelihood-based inference and forecasting of series with long memory are considered, based on the arfima(p; d; q) model with deterministic regressors. Sampling characteristics of approximate and exact first-order asymptotic methods are compared. The analysis is extended using modified profile likelihood analysis, which is a(More)
The distribution of a functional of two correlated vector Brownian motions is approximated by a Gamma distribution. This functional represents the limiting distribution for cointegration tests with stationary exogenous regressors, but also for cointegration tests based on a non-Gaussian likelihood. The approximation is accurate, fast, and easy to use in(More)
We consider model selection facing uncertainty over the choice of variables and the occurrence and timing of multiple location shifts. General-to-simple selection is extended by adding an impulse indicator for every observation to the set of candidate regressors: see Johansen and Nielsen (2009). We apply that approach to a fat-tailed distribution, and to(More)