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AIM To analyze and interpret incidence and mortality trends of breast and ovarian cancers and incidence trends of cervical and endometrial cancers in Croatia for the period 1988-2008. METHODS Incidence data were obtained from the Croatian National Cancer Registry. Themortality data were obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO) mortality database.(More)
BACKGROUND Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) is an autosomal dominantly inherited syndrome characterized by the development of numerous polyps in the colon and rectum. If left untreated, the affected patients inevitably develop colon cancer by the age of 40 years. A resection of the colon (colectomy) or of the colon and rectum (proctocolectomy) is needed(More)
In the management of large number of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer, the radioactive iodine (131-I) administration plays an important role. The guidelines of numerous international and national medical societies regarding the issue of postoperative 131-I administration have been published and updated in the last few years. The guidelines differ(More)
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is an extremely rare genetic disorder with diffuse extra-skeletal bone formation. The genetic mutation responsible for FOP has recently been discovered and is connected with excessive activation of bone morphogenetic protein receptor. This disease usually begins with typical ossification pattern in early(More)
Splenic irradiation has long been known as a palliative treatment modality in patients with various malignant hematologic diseases aiming to ameliorate clinical symptoms of splenomegaly as well as clinical sequels of hypersplenism. It provides considerable effect with low toxicity although exact radiotherapy dose and fractionation schedule are not known.(More)
With a share of people older than 65 years of 16.64 per cent in total population, Croatia is considered a very old country regarding it's population. This percentage is one of the highest in already old Europe. Demographic projections reveal a further increase of share of people older than 65 years in future. There are many causes of this condition. This(More)
Dermatomyositis is a rare disease characterised by inflammatory muscle affection and characteristic cutaneous changes. When occuring in a patient with cancer, dermatomyositis may indicate recurrence or progression and poor outcome. Herein, the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, metastatic pattern, characteristics of long-term survivors, and link between(More)
under the personal auspices of Jadranka Kosor, Prime Minister. Th e plan of implementation and results acquired to date in healthcare reform in the Republic of Croatia were presented at the conference, with special reference to the novel concept of healthcare fi nancing, the role and responsibilities of local government and self-government , reform of the(More)
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