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The authors examined the effects that differently framed and targeted health messages have on persuading low-income women to obtain screening mammograms. The authors recruited 752 women over 40 years of age from community health clinics and public housing developments and assigned the women randomly to view videos that were either gain or loss framed and(More)
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) stimulates expression of a "competence" gene family in Balb/c-3T3 cells. The competence family contains the c-myc and c-fos genes together with several functionally uncharacterized genes (JE, KC, and r-fos) that have been isolated as cDNA clones. We show that double-stranded ribonucleic acid is a potent inducer of the(More)
Complementary DNA clones of genes induced by platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in BALB/c-3T3 cells were isolated; one such clone contains a domain having nucleotide sequence homology with the third exon of c-fos. This nucleotide sequence homology is reflected in the predicted amino acid sequences of the gene products. Under low stringency conditions,(More)
The levels of c-myc, c-fos, and JE mRNAs accumulate in a biphasic pattern following infection of quiescent BALB/c 3T3 mouse cells with polyomavirus. Maximal levels of c-myc and c-fos mRNAs were seen within 1 hr and were nearly undetectable at 6 hr after infection. At 12 hr after infection mRNA levels were again maximal and remained elevated thereafter.(More)
This paper presents a cluster analysis method which automatically finds the number of clusters as well as the partitioning of a data set without any type of interaction with the user. The data clustering is made using the self-organizing (or Kohonen) map (SOM). Different partitions of the trained SOM are obtained from different segmentations of the U-matrix(More)
Water intake was reduced during the 1st day of hypobaric hypoxia (inspired O2 pressure of 75 Torr) to 35-40% of the normoxic level in both normal rats (N) and rats with diabetes insipidus (DI). Analysis of water intake under graded saline loads at several inspired O2 levels (inspired O2 fractional concentrations of 0.105, 0.120, and 0.2095) indicated that(More)
One of the most important challenges for the researchers in the 21st Century is related to global heating and climate change that can have as consequence the intensification of natural hazards. Another problem of changes in the Earth's climate is its impact in the agriculture production. In this scenario, application of statistical models as well as(More)
—In Brazil, the increase of the application of quantitative approaches in the natural resources studies using remote sensing technology has required knowledge about the radiometric conditions of remote sensors as the Thematic Mapper (TM) and the Enhanced TM Plus, for instance. The establishment of a correlation between radiometric data and biophysical and(More)
The viral oncogene v-ras inhibited the platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-induced upregulation of c-myc and c-fos proto-oncogene expression in fibroblast monolayers. These v-ras-containing cells proliferated in the absence of c-myc induction and no longer required PDGF to support growth. Fibroblasts expressing v-ras continued to express the same number(More)