Juraj Slovak

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We demonstrate a record 38.4Tb/s 64QAM C-band transmission over 762km of field deployed SSMF fiber, connecting Lyon and Marseille, France, employing hybrid EDFA-Raman amplification and achieve a spectral efficiency of 8b/s/Hz. Furthermore, we demonstrate, for the first time to our knowledge, flexi-rate transmission over the same commercial link, using(More)
We experimentally demonstrate, for the first time to the best of our knowledge, an ultralong-haul dense wavelength division multiplexed transmission of 96 × 100Gb/s coherent polarization multiplexed quadrature phase-shifted keying transponders over ITU-T G.655 nonzero dispersion-shifted large effective area fibers (NZ-DSF) with an effective core area(More)
We demonstrate next-generation network upgrade scenarios using flexi-format (PM-QPSK→PM-64QAM) and flexi-rate (100G→300G) transmission over field-deployed fiber (762km). The back-to-back penalties are limited to ~2.6dB, whereas after transmission, available margin in excess of ~7.6dB is reported.
Next-generation elastic optical interfaces will support a wide range of line rates and modulation formats. Such transmission schemes enable doubling of the channel capacity at the expense of a lower reach, whereas a flexible DWDM grid supports the transport of multiple optical signals within a single frequency slot by packing them closely, thus saving(More)
We demonstrate excellent 100G transmission performance over dispersion-shifted-fiber, the most challenging of all deployed fiber types. Post-FEC error-free performance is shown after 660 km of transmission for a fully loaded 96 × 100G transmission link.
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