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To estimate status and intake of selenium in inhabitants of the most Western region of the Czech Republic (Cheb region) 241 serum, 404 urine and 30 hair samples from randomly selected persons in the age between 6 and 65 years is performed. Serum and hair samples were analysed by means of instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), while Se in urines(More)
The Traffic Engineering in IMS network is a hot topic as operators require extensive QoS management in their network. A combination of IP SLA with the Object Tracking and MPLS Traffic Engineering can create automatic solution for applying new rules to the ISP carrier topology. IP SLA provides an opportunity to track specified parameters of the links and(More)
Traffic engineering and QoS Fguarantee is crucial point of any operators' network. To evaluate IMS services over MPLS enabled network in case study, we have created a testbed for a service provider. Our service provider distributes various services requiring different traffic priorities together with customer-generated traffic. We have enabled the IMS core(More)
The assessment of soil contamination by persistent substances is based on a multi-level system of criteria of contents, mobilities and transfer of hazardous trace elements into organisms and of contents and behaviour of organic xenobiotic substances, which reflects the increasing risks. The basis of the assessment are background values of contaminants,(More)
Iodopenia is importance world-wide problem--the cause of spectrum of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). The "simple" way for its compensation is iodine supplementation--preferably by iodinization of salt: in the Czech Republic prevalence of IDD was very high in the past. The complex program for compensation of iodine deficiency realized in the CR includes(More)