Juraj Istvan

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PURPOSE Rapid sequence induction (RSI) with cricoid pressure is suggested to decrease the risk of aspiration of gastric contents. However, the effectiveness of RSI has been questioned, and the technique may lead to airway and hemodynamic complications. The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of RSI use in patients with acute appendicitis,(More)
The application of antibiotics in the preservation of allograft and xenograft skin is controversial. The penicillin-streptomycin combination that is commonly used in reports in the literature was ineffective in our practice. Our Tissue Bank has tested different antibiotic combinations and found a more effective and suitable combination. After aseptic(More)
The frequency and the treatment of the sternal fractures is discussed by the authors. 5 patients with sternal fractures have been treated by the authors, and 3 of them were operated on. In one patient early operation has been performed, and in another the osteosynthesis of the sternum has been carried out 3 years after the lesion. In the 3d patient the bone(More)
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