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Hyperarticulation in Lombard speech: Global coordination of the jaw, lips and the tongue.
We present an analysis of articulatory recordings of speech material in babble noise of different intensity levels and in hypoarticulated speech and report quantitative differences in relative expansion of movement of different articulatory subsystems (the jaw, the lips and the tongue) as well as inrelative expansion of utterance duration. Expand
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Hyperarticulation in Lombard speech: A preliminary study
We present a preliminary analysis of EMA data collected in increasing levels of babble noise. Expand
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The role of duration and pitch in signaling quantity in Finnmark North Sámi
Ternary quantity opposition is a cross-linguistically extremely rare typological feature. One of the languages using ternary opposition of consonants to signal linguistic contrasts is North Sámi, anExpand
Vietnam War - The New Aspect of Warfare
Abstract The article focuses on the basic characteristic of military development in the second half of the 20th century. On pursuance of William Lind´s concept or theory of Four Generations of War,Expand
Comparative Analysis of Majority Language Influence on North Sámi Prosody Using WaveNet-Based modeling.
The Finnmark North Sámi is a variety of North Sámi language, an indigenous, endangered minority language spoken in the northernmost parts of Norway and Finland. The speakers of this language areExpand