Jurairat Khongrum

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The therapeutic strategy against autism, a severe neurological development disorder, is one of the challenges of this decade. Recent findings show that oxidative stress plays a crucial role on the pathophysiology of autism, and laser acupuncture at Shenmen (HT7) can improve oxidative status in many neurological disorders. Therefore, we aimed to assess the(More)
Problem statement: Neuropathic pain, a challenge of this decade, has been reported to be associated with the diversity conditions including diabetes. At present, there are no conventional analgesics that can effectively treat neuropathic pain with a satisfactory outcome. Due to the limitation of therapeutic efficacy, the searching for novel effective(More)
The novel therapeutic strategy against autism is essential due to the limited therapeutic efficacy. Based on the benefit of laser acupuncture at HT7 acupoint on the neurological disorders related with oxidative stress and inflammation, its benefit on oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and GABAergic/glutamatergic imbalance in cerebellum of autism have been(More)
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