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Wind and solar power generation are fluctuated and uncertainty. The utility grid will be affected seriously if high ratio wind power is merged. The rapid development of energy storage technology brings to efficient utilization of new energy. This paper introduces an integrated control strategy of smoothing power fluctuations and peak shaving based on HESS(More)
The research on smart cars involves many fields, such as DC/AC motor and its driving, sensors and testing technology, signal processing, computer recognition, data fusion technology, vehicle engineering and so on. It is important and necessary to explore and improve the intelligent vehicle and the intelligent transportation system by researching models of(More)
In the field of robots' obstacle avoidance and navigation, indirect contact sensors such as visual, ultrasonic and infrared detection are widely used. However, the performance of these sensors is always influenced by the severe environment, especially under the dark, dense fog, underwater conditions. The obstacle avoidance robot based on tactile sensor is(More)
In view of the illumination changes and the deformations of objects in the traffic environment, a template update object tracking algorithm which is based on the fusion of color and texture features is proposed. Under the framework of traditional algorithm, the algorithm not only takes the weighted color histogram to describe the object's color, but also(More)
As a new source of energy, solar energy enters people's daily life more and more times. In this paper, one kind of controlling circuit has developed to be used in photovoltaic system. Based on the direct controlling principle and the simulation for charging module and discharging module, the circuit has a stable operation characteristic. With this(More)
Under high power hybrid laser arc welding and high power CO2 laser welding, welding state recognition experiments based on pool image features, based on sound signal features and based on feature fusion of pool image features and sound signal features were carried out respectively, and recognition rates were compared. In the process of feature fusion(More)
In this paper, we consider the fault estimation problem of non-uniformly sampled system with actuator faults and bounded disturbances. First, after being discretized at sampling instant, the non-uniformly sampled system is modelled as an equivalent polytopic system with norm bounded uncertainties. Then, a full-order discrete-time observer that has the same(More)
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